Why is Digital Literacy Important for Teachers?

September 01, 2023

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Being familiar with the Microsoft suite is no longer enough for teachers to bag their dream job. From your day to day responsibilities to moving up the career ladder, digital skills are indispensable in the teaching world today. Here’s why digital literacy is important for teachers.

1.      Google Just Doesn’t Make the Cut for Digital Literacy Anymore!

Surprised? But truly, anyone can Google the answers to simple or complex questions – your students are probably way ahead of you at the game. What matters in an era of instant access is how knowledge is understood, applied, and used to create original work.

Here’s the catch. Teachers should not just be familiar with ‘Googling’ but also be able to discern the difference between a trustworthy and untrustworthy source, showing students how they can begin to discern the same as well.

2.      Digital Literacy is Important for Good Digital Citizenship

With students exploring online spaces more than ever, teachers are being called upon to help define good practices online. How can a teacher unfamiliar with the digital landscape teach digital citizenship? Hence, it is crucial for teachers to get digitally literate to be able to support their students in growing into great digital citizens – adhering to privacy laws and protecting themselves from cyberbullying.

3.      Digital Literacy Will Help You Keep On Top of a Growing Digital World

The digital world is only growing and expanding, with innovations adding up each day. If you’re not already familiar with digital tools, there’s a whole lot of catching up for you to do! However, as you learn more, new learning only becomes easier and a more seamless process.

Where Are You on Your Digital Literacy Path?

The world is quickly embracing digital and without strong digital literacy, many professionals will find themselves lacking. The same stands true for teachers. Start getting familiar with digital tools today and equip yourself for a great career.

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