3 Ways to Engage Your Students in Online Learning

February 16, 2023

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Have you been struggling to capture your student’s attention in online learning? We understand that online teaching can be daunting – you never really know what students are doing behind their cameras! Top that with connectivity issues every few minutes.

While the tech team can take care of these glitches, there’s a lot you can do as a teacher to engage your students in hybrid learning settings. Here are three ways to get you started!

Make Online Learning Interactive with Constructive Feedback

Physical classroom environments have regular feedback built into them. However, you will have to actively create opportunities for feedback in online learning. Encourage your students to communicate with you via email. You can even go ahead and incentivize the process, adding participation points for emails received each week. Respond to your emails and provide your students with constructive and timely feedback. Get creative with your medium – if email does not work, try your Microsoft Teams chat or even WhatsApp.

Schedule Regular Student Presentations

If your students are given active opportunities of engagement, they are likely to take it up. Encourage student presentations and peer learning, and truly make it count. You can assign each student a topic and give then hands-on training on how to create a deck and present their ideas. Besides engagement, it is also likely to teach them a life skill that they will always thank you for.  Go ahead, make this a bi-weekly affair or customize it to suit the subject and your students’ needs.

Communicate Well and Appreciate Your Students

It takes a lot more to build strong relationships in online classrooms than it does offline. Take the time during online learning sessions to appreciate your students individually and as groups. Notice and praise any progress, however minute. This establishes the idea that you truly care about them, prompting students to engage more and contribute to your sessions.

Build Your Online Learning Skills Now!

Start with these and advance your skills as you move ahead in online learning environments. What engagement skills are you practicing to improve your teaching? Watch this space for more on how you can develop your online teaching career!

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