How to Use Storytelling in Your Paper Resume?

April 03, 2023

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How to Use Storytelling in Your Paper Resume?

Your resume can take you places and the work you put in can make all the difference. One of the classic ways to make your resume stand out to your recruiters is by telling your story through it. Here’s why you should adopt a storytelling approach to craft your video resume and how you can do it.

Why is Storytelling a Great Way to Structure Your Resume?

When you use a storytelling format to structure your resume, it makes the resume compelling and persuasive. It brings out your creative side, showing your recruiter that you have more to you than a list of achievements.

Steps to Creating a Storytelling Resume

Here are some steps on how you can incorporate a storytelling technique in your resume.

  1. Create an Excellent Narrative

To create a great narrative, add all the elements of storytelling. To start with, think of yourself as the protagonist. Think of the beginning, the characters, the setting, and the key here is to show how you, as the protagonist, have overcome challenges.  Ensure that the challenges end in a resolution and a learning.

  1. Pick an Excellent Headline

Make sure that the headline is eye-catching. It should sum up your personality and give a great introduction to your achievements.

  1. Summarize Your Career

Make sure to include bullet points. These attract attention in your resume. However, incorporating bullet points in your storytelling format can be tricky. Think of a logical storyline and assign each part a bullet point. Highlight your achievements using ‘Bold’ so that they stand out.

  1. Make Sure to Include a Regular Experience Timeline

In this section, keep it traditional. Assign timelines to each experience you’ve had and include it as plainly as possible. This should show your recruiters that you’re creative but also value clarity and precision.

  1. Narrate Your Progress at Work

In the last section, wrap it all up by telling your recruiters the motivation and hard work behind your achievements – what were the challenges you resolved, and how did it bring you to where you are today.


Storytelling in Your Paper Resume Can Get You Noticed!

Follow the steps above to stand out among peers and get hired by recruiters. We’re looking forward to hear from you. If you have any questions, let us know below.

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