Cooperative Learning Strategies for Online and Hybrid Classrooms (Part 2 of the EduVacancy Teaching Strategy Series)

November 04, 2023

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Hi teachers! We’re here with Part 2 of our Eduvacancy Teaching Strategy Series. And this week, we’re tackling cooperative learning strategies for online and hybrid classrooms.

When the pandemic struck, education moved online but teachers noticed a problem. Much of the foundation of cooperative learning was absent in this new online medium. Teachers couldn’t see their students, couldn’t read body language, and building classroom relationships was that much more difficult!

However, cooperative learning is critical to promote interdependent learning in the classroom! It can promote classroom accountability and coordination, helping you deliver lessons better and engage students in the process of learning.

Integrating Cooperative Learning in Your Online and Hybrid Classrooms

Here are some ways to promote cooperative learning in your classroom.

1.      Make Use of Polls to Promote Cooperative Learning

Polls can be a great way to make your students pick their stance on an idea or topic. You can then divide your students into groups with different stances and promote group and larger classroom discussions.

Making Polls Happen in Online Learning

Make use of your video conferencing tools like Zoom, Teams, or other to make these polls happen. Explain clearly to your students what they would be engaging in. Learn how to create and use polls on Teams and Zoom.

Making Polls Happen in Hybrid Learning

Manage your polls on video conferencing but make sure to create space for polling in physical classroom settings as well. Allow your students to move around the room to discuss with peers and bring your physical and online class together for the final discussion!

2.      Peer Evaluations to Enhance Cooperative Learning

Peer evaluations can be an excellent way for you to get your students cooperating with each other. And yes, you can do this even in classes of younger children. Such activities help promote not just cooperative learning, but add key ingredients for growth like opinion-formation among students.

Making Peer Learning Happen in Online Learning

Homework is critical even in online learning! Take one homework assignment a month and ask students to evaluate a peer. In the process, your students will learn to judge critically and use online tools!

Making Peer Learning Happen in Hybrid Learning

When you have a hybrid learning setting, exchange students’ assignments between them randomly. Ask students present in class to submit peer evaluations digitally. This increases uniformity in the digital and cooperative activities and skills each student is engaging in.


Get Started with Cooperative Learning Strategies Today!

We hope this strategy makes your teaching experience better. Watch this space for more! Comment below for your feedback – it’ll help us address your questions and needs better!

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