How Can Teachers Prepare for an Online Teaching Session? Essential Checklist

September 13, 2023

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In a 2020 study of teachers in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR), it was suggested that teachers are not trained in pedagogies needed for online teaching. The pandemic period surely brought education online, but what does the study and many like this reveal about our education system?

As teachers, we really need to learn the right skills to deliver online teaching confidently. Upskilling is crucial, but so is creating the right teaching environment to set yourself up for success. Here is a checklist of the basics you need to tick off whenever you deliver an online class.

1.      Ensure Proper Lighting in Your Online Teaching Environment

Lighting can change everything! Find an area with lots of light to help you deliver successful online teaching. Good lighting can help you in many ways. First, it creates a visually pleasing environment and your students are more likely to engage with that. Second, good lighting can enhance your long-term health as it keeps you from straining to see your screen. Finally, good lighting in the workplace has been shown to boost your mental health.

2.      Test Your Technology Before Each Online Teaching Class

Initiate a test run each time. Yes, each and every time you teach! It can take as little as two minutes but will save time and resources when you are taking your online class. Technology glitches can be very distracting, and will create unnecessary obstacles in online classes where it can already be challenging to engage your students. Test your camera, audio, and chats. Get each student to raise their hand or show presence depending on the software you are using.

3.      Pay Attention to the Background

While it can be tempting to just blur your background in an online teaching session, don’t give in! And we have good reason. Remember how visually appealing environments engage students more? Apply the same principle here and make sure to make good use of your background. Add relevant images, infographics, a green board, or any prop that communicates the theme of your class. Your students will visually engage with these!

The Checklist for Online Teaching is Longer!

Online teaching can be daunting but with the above checklist ticked, you’re already up to a good start. So begin implementing these, and let us know what worked for you. Of course, we’d love to hear what helped you create a better online teaching environment too.

The checklist is longer. Watch this space for more on how you can enhance your online teaching skills!

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