Students Use Cell Phones! Now What Can Teachers Do?

May 03, 2023

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The reality today simply is that our students actively use cell phones. In the digital age, cell phone usage is unavoidable and banning cell phones among students may not be the most progressive strategy. The next best thing is to show students the limits of cell phone usage and guide them towards positive tech adoption.

Here’s what teachers should keep in mind when dealing with cell phone usage.

1.      Let Students Know How Cell Phone Usage Can Impact their Education

While using cell phones is inevitable, improper usage can have consequences on learning. Let students do their own research and bring these perspectives to class. As a math teacher, try to connect the statistics of classroom cell phone usage and have students discuss this.

If you’re an English teacher, ask your students to write an essay each on the effects of cell phone usage and debate it in class. Connect cell phone usage to your subject and let your students form their opinions. When the information is not forced, they are likely to register it better and act positively.

2.      Foster School-Wide Cell Phone Usage Communities

You can extend this to all technology if you like. Teaching your students digital citizenship is crucial and doing this through school communities can be a fruitful experience for your students. Bring students together, show documentaries on the advancement and consequences of technology, hold discussions, and get students to create campaigns from their learnings.

These communities will leverage peer to peer learning to help your students form opinions on the limits of cell phone usage.

Use Communities & Self-Learning to Moderate Cell Phone Usage

As we explored above, cell phone usage can be a tricky topic that cannot be resolved by forcing information into students. By taking a subtler approach and letting students form their own opinions, you can easily moderate and limit cell phone usage.

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