Things that Every School Requires to be a Good One

November 08, 2023

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If you are an educator, you may have various views about what should be included in a good school. Surely, the requirements differ but a few basic ones remain constant. As an educator, it may be important for you to look at the quality of a school when you are looking for a teacher-required post.

Here are a few things that are necessary to make a school a good one:- 

The Resources Must Be Current

A good school will remain up-to-date on the resources that it uses to teach a student. It is these resources that will reach a student and will shape their lives. Teachers should not have to struggle to get the resources themselves but should have them readily available.

This may include textbooks, curriculums, technological resources including computers, and other resources that will keep students current. 

Safety is Paramount 

It is very important for a school to be safe. This may include putting some safeguards in place like anti-bullying measures. Such safety is ensured when a social and emotional support cell is established in schools. 

Many schools have taken note of this and are hiring now. They are keen on hiring dynamic staff like counselors and others who can help keep the school environment safe. It goes without saying that other physical safety measures like security guards, etc. should also be taken care of by school authorities. 

Diversity is Key 

In a world that is increasingly championing inclusivity, schools have to become the starting point for change. It is crucial that schools are sensitive to differences in their student population and inclusive of these. 

In India, students of various communities and sections of society should feel welcomed and nurtured in the environment. Diversity also broadens the worldview of the child. Race, ethnicity, language, as well as economic backgrounds, should not be barriers to a fruitful student experience. Instead, diversity should be encouraged.

Cultivate a Culture of Encouragement 

A culture of encouragement should be inculcated in all processes that are part of the school. Educators like teachers and non-teaching staff should strongly hold the belief that every student can learn. Students who don’t perform well should be encouraged to improve and not be ignored and branded as underperforming students. 

Such an attitude is part of a trickle-down system and the relationship between the teacher and the principal should also be based on a culture of encouragement. The principal should aim at building a community of teachers who will propel the school forward. 


The above four requirements will make every school a good one. It will enhance the foundation on which the school is built as well as create a learning environment where educators and students can thrive. 

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