Efficient Classroom Management Strategies (Part 1 of the EduVacancy Teaching Strategy Series)

November 02, 2023

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Hi teachers! At EduVacancy, we’re always looking for ways to make your teaching experiences better and further your career in education. With this view in mind, we’re launching the Teaching Strategy Blog Series.

What can you do with these? Polish up any old strategies you may already know, adapt them to the new and emerging online and hybrid teaching environments, and keep any eye out for any new strategy you may not already know!

Why These Teaching Strategies?

Well, the more equipped you are with stronger strategies for your classrooms, the more likely you’ll be able to advance your career and meet your goals in the world of education. To begin with, we’ve put together efficient classroom management strategies.

Efficient Classroom Management Strategies for Teachers to Deliver Great Learning

We know that good classroom management can be very tricky. Managing a class of 20 or more students (and we know it’s more) from diverse backgrounds, catering to their individual learning capabilities, and setting them up to success can be a difficult task. Here are some strategies to store up your sleeve for effective classroom management.

1. Set Behavioural Expectations from Students and Model It

Actions speak louder than words, and if you’re modelling the behaviour you expect of your students, they’re likely to pay heed and follow. This makes classroom management that much easier for you! What kind of expectations does this work on? From starting class on time every day to finishing any paper corrections by the date you promised, you are modelling behaviour you expect of your students. It puts across the message that you’re not one to mess with and that your actions show it.

Adapting for Online Learning

If you’ve instructed your students to join online class at a certain time, show up at least 5 minutes before time. If you’ve said that raising hands is important on video conferencing, make sure to let each student finish speaking before you begin!

2. Involve Parents More in Your Students’ Learning

Now this can be a tricky one. In a busy world where parents are scrambling for quality time with their children, getting them focused on their students’ learning can be tricky. As teachers, you can better manage this by finding little ways to keep your students’ parents involved.

One of the best ways to do it is to send home letters of appreciation or little notes to parents home with your students. Parents will be motivated to remain involved in their students’ learning!

Adapting for Online Learning

This one’s easy! Just use digital tools like emails or social media. Write little notes of appreciation and send it to parents. What’s better? There’s little chance that these digital notes can get lost in transit.

Stay Tuned for More Teaching Strategies!

Let us know if you thought these were helpful! We’re excited to bring more your way to help you learn more strategies to ease teaching. We’d love to hear from you. What classroom problems are you solving and what strategies do you want to learn more about?

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