From Grammar Tools to Civic Engagement, Here are the Resources to Support Your Online Teaching Sessions

February 21, 2023

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As teachers, you’ve been consistently told to learn skills for online teaching and put your best foot forward. Lucky for you, there are two sides to the coin. There are many resources out there to help teachers like you acquire better classroom skills, build a career, and make a mark in the education world. Read ahead as we outline these.

1. Be Mindful of Your Spellings in Online Teaching

With the pressures of everyday teaching, it is important for teachers to be compassionate towards themselves. Don’t let grammar and spelling errors bring you down. Online tools like Grammarly are great options to help you get your grammar and spellings right each time you present written materials to your students. You can use the free version or upgrade to premium if you find it useful.

2. Access Videos, Images, and Visual Resources for Your Online Teaching Sessions

Online teaching sessions don’t have to be boring – not if you know just the right spots to find key resources! Try websites like The Literacy Shed. Here, you will find a treasure trove of short videos that communicate themes like prejudice, justice, and even math! You can play these videos in class, enhance student engagement, and keep coming back for more!

3. Resources for Bringing Themes of Diversity and Inclusivity into Your Online Teaching Sessions

In the age of online teaching, teachers often find it difficult to fulfil one of their primary duties – helping build the character of their students. Try websites like Learning for Justice that can help you incorporate themes of inclusion, diversity, and justice into your teaching plans. The website provides lesson plans, student tasks, and other resources that will help you develop and assess civic engagement in your students.

Online Resources Can Foster Holistic Education in Online Teaching

Teachers, what are you waiting for? With these resources at your disposal, it is easier than ever to get your students engaged in online classes. From tools for proper grammar and presentation to those for enhancing civic development in students, the options are endless. Let us know below if you find any of these resources useful!

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