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Self-Care for Teachers

Last updated on April 15, 2023

During the difficult pandemic months, educators around the world recognized the importance of wellbeing and self-care for teachers. A teaching career involves a whole lot of empathy and care. Keeping your cup full is crucial to attend to the needs of your children.

Teachers, here’s how you can get your wellbeing on track with some much-needed self-care.

1.      Get Up and Stay Active

In physical classrooms, teachers naturally move around to interact with students and get their point across. The same is not true for online learning, and not as much for hybrid learning either. No matter what the teaching method, teachers should ensure they get the right activity in each day. It may be dedicated exercise-time or even a few short walks between seated time can do wonders for your health and energy.

2.      Connect with Others

With online learning, many people have gotten out of the habit of connecting with others. From sharing lunch with colleagues to getting a good meal with friends, connection is the foundation of a fulfilling life. If the teaching is online, try and connect with your colleagues over video during lunch time or grab some dinner with old friends. Good connections can help you care for yourself!

3.      Work Smarter

With large amounts of work over our heads, teachers tend to try and get everything done in one go. Instead, try and mark your tasks by priority. Make sure to complete any tasks that are high-priority but are not urgent quickly so that you never find yourself stressed at the very end. Another tip is to get yourself to be alright with having a few incomplete tasks for the rest of your day! Leave those for the next day and relax!

Make Self-Care an Absolute Priority

Yes! Making self-care a priority is the way to conducting your teaching with efficiency and win the hearts of your students! Put yourself first and watch your career blossom!

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