How Can Teachers Create a Compelling Video Resume?

Last updated on March 01, 2023

Video resumes can make your recruiters notice your application! They can assess your soft skills, digital skills, and much more if you just record and upload a strong video resume. Now we know you’re thinking – how do I create a compelling video resume?

We put together some steps to help you create a video resume that will persuade your recruiters to hire you! 


Steps to Create a Video Resume for Teachers

Dig in to the steps to create a video resume below and get started! 


  • Prep Your Space & Your Identity

Who are you and where are you working from? Your recruiters care and so should you. Prep your space and pick a spot with good lighting to record your video. A professional setting with a clear, minimal background is preferable. Pay attention to your identity as well.

Make sure to look clean and polished and wear appropriate clothes. Need inspiration? Simply think about what you would wear if you were teaching a class and slip into that outfit for the video. Now you’re set to record. 


  • Script Your Video Resume Down to the Last Word

Keep your video resumes short! 60 seconds is a great time frame. Don’t wing it either. It’s very important that you draft what you will say. Ask yourself what your greatest achievements in the recent past were. Put them down and add some soft skills like empathy and communication to strengthen your resume.

Editing is crucial. Get a friend to see your script before finally recording it. Practice makes perfect! Read aloud and see how the script translates when spoken out loud. Make any adjustments and you’re good to go! 


  • Record Your Video Resume

Now’s your time to shine. Keep it simple when you record your video resume. You don’t need fancy technology. Your laptop, PC, or phone camera will do. With online learning picking up, recruiters know that teachers work with what they have, instead of investing in the most sophisticated technologies.

So, record your video, smile and emote. Make sure the visuals are clear and that your voice is loud and audible. 


All You Have to Do is Upload Your Video Resume! 

You’ve done all the work. Upload the compelling video resume you’ve created and get recruiters to notice you. Are you uploading your video resume on EduVacancy? Here are more instructions to help you take the next steps.

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